What is QuicKeys?

The promise of computers has always been that they save us time and make life easier.

And we all know that isn't true. But QuicKeys can help.

With QuicKeys you can automate the common things you do all the time. And you can also automate the tedious things you don't do all the time — things that are hard to remember.

To find out more about how QuicKeys works, take a look at our brief introduction.
What's New
With over over 60 new features, QuicKeys 4 has something for everyone. Here's a look at just some of what's new in QuicKeys 4. To see everything new, check out the What's New page.
Expand short typed text into longer text or even run a QuicKeys Shortcut.
Instant Shortcut
Make quick, temporary recordings of your actions that can be played back over and over.
Web Actions
Automate many web sites and web applications in Safari.
MIDI Triggers
Trigger Shortcuts via MIDI enabled musical instruments or equipment.
QuicKeys Anywhere
QuicKeys remote control app for your iPhone/iPod touch. Available now!
QuicKeys Online
An online resource center inside QuicKeys. Browse shortcuts, view tutorials, and read hints posted via Twitter.
Endless Trial
Oh, one more thing… did we mention the never ending trial period? That's right, you can use QuicKeys 4 forever in trial mode.* We know that it can take a while to get to know a new piece of software, so we are letting you keep right on using QuicKeys 4 in trial mode even after the basic 30 day trial is over.
*After the basic trial has ended you will be reminded that QuicKeys is running in trial mode when you play shortcuts or use abbreviations, but you will still be able to use all the features.