A New, More Intuitive, User Interface

QuicKeys for Windows features a newly redesigned interface mimicking the familiar three pane interface that Windows users have come to know thus making QuicKeys easier than ever to use.

Web Browser Actions (Internet Explorer)

Click buttons or links, choose from pop-up lists, and enter data into text fields within Internet Explorer web pages. With Web Browser Actions you can create sequences that can easily log you into web sites, fill out forms or navigate links fast and accurately.

Wait Condition Sequence Step

The new Wait Condition Sequence Tools give users more control over their sequences based on the status of a specified file, folder, window, menu or program. The Wait Condition can also be set up to control the sequenced based on a set date and time.


Use variables and simple equations in QuicKeys sequences. Write and use functions to give more power and control to QuicKeys sequences. Use logic and variables together with the newly added Wait for actions and you'll have control of your PC like never before.

Editor Locking

A System Administrator can password protect the QuicKeys Editor to prevent unauthorized editing of actions from non-administrative accounts.

Action Folders (Action and Sequence sharing)

With previous versions of QuicKeys users had the ability to export and import shortcuts to share their shortcuts with other users. By sharing and connecting to Action Folders, QuicKeys users can easily benefit from actions and sequences created by others giving a whole office the ability to be efficient together. Plus, any changes made to these Action Folders will be updated for each QuicKeys user automatically whenever QuicKeys is launched or refreshed.

Improved Clipbooks Editing and Grouping

Clips can now be edited directly from within the QuicKeys Editor saving you time in having to copy and paste the clip into a word processor to make changes. Keep your clips organized and sorted by creating Clip Groups. These Clip Groups can also be triggered for faster retrieval and insertion of a clip.

Hot Key Chaining

With Hot Key Chaining option, you can string a series of hot keys together for even more flexibility. For example use F1->I->E to launch Internet Explorer and F1->E->M to launch your e-mail application. Hot Key Chaining virtually allows for unlimited number of hot key triggering key combinations.

Debug Mode

It has never been easier to fine tune your sequences. When debugging is enabled, QuicKeys guides you through each step of your multi-step sequence to help you verify that each Action will perform properly.

Event Triggers

Launch your actions and sequences when programs start, shutdown, gain focus or lose focus.

Plus numerous other new features and improvements