QuicKeys 4 has more than 60 new features that make it even more powerful, yet easier to use.
Abbreviations let you type a short word in a document and automatically replace it with longer text, run a QuicKeys Shortcut, or even paste in a QuicKeys Clip.
Instant Shortcut
This is a special Shortcut you can use for making quick, temporary recordings of your actions. You can use it over and over again as long as you need. It sticks around until the next time you record a new Instant Shortcut. You can also save a copy if you have an especially good Instant Shortcut that would be useful again in the future.
QuicKeys Anywhere remote control app for the iPhone/iPod touch lets you remotely run your Shortcuts back on your Mac from wherever you may be. Available now!
Integration with KeyCue 4.5
KeyCue 4.5 by Ergonis has added support for showing QuicKeys hot keys. KeyCue is a handy utility that let's you see all the currently available menu keyboard shortcuts and QuicKeys hot keys.

Take a look at KeyCue 4.5.
Searchable Shortcuts and Create Menu
• You can search your Shortcuts using a wide variety of criteria (including hot keys).
• Shortcut searches can be saved as Smart Folders which can be very useful for organizing shortcuts.

• In the Create menu a new search field makes it easier to find the exact action you are wanting to use.
Clips Editor & Picker
• Now you can edit your QuicKeys Clips including images and text.
• Easier to manage and use your QuicKeys Clips in Shortcuts and Abbreviations.
Shortcut Step Results
• Improved user interface makes it easier to know where a step will jump when finished.
• Steps are now directly linked together which improves editing of shortcuts when rearranging or inserting new steps.
Shortcut Result Notifications let QuicKeys better notify you of its progress when running unattended such as on a server or even if you just stepped out for lunch. You can be notified via e-mail, have a script be run, or be notified via Growl.
Growl is third party software that lets Mac OS X applications tell you when things happen. We've added Growl support to many parts of QuicKeys to help keep you informed of what is going on.

You can get a copy of Growl here.
Window Actions give you the new ability to control the size and position of windows.
• Click actions can now click, release, or drag between windows in different applications.
• Mouse buttons and modifiers can now be left down until a later step releases them or the shortcut ends.
Buttons can now be searched for in a specific application.
Menu Actions
• Can now access system menus in the upper right of the menu bar.
• You can now specify what application QuicKeys should look in for a menu.
Pop-Up Menus can now be searched for in a specific application.
Shortcut Info now includes:
• When a shortcut was made.
• When it was last played.
• How many times it has been played.
Protected Shortcuts
Shortcuts now have an option to be encrypted. Protected Shortcuts can only be played or edited after entering a password.
Shortcut Import/Export
When exporting/importing shortcuts you can now include supporting files and variables so your shortcuts will always have all the information they need to run.
More Variables
• QuicKeys Shortcuts can now have local variables.
• Even more built in system variables.
• Completely redesigned variable editor.
• You can even make your own variables using AppleScript functions.
Scope Exceptions let your All Applications-scoped Shortcuts and Abbreviations be excluded from working in certain applications. These exceptions can be uniquely applied to Shortcuts and Abbreviations individually for a very custom setup.
Subscope Display
You can now control how the switching of QuicKeys subscopes is shown.
Web Actions work in Safari to give you amazing control of most web sites and the ever growing number of web applications.
QuicKeys Online is an online resource center built right into the QuicKeys Editor where you can:
• Peruse & download from the Shortcut Gallery.
• View tutorials.
• Read regularly updated tips and tricks of how to use QuicKeys (posted via QuicKeys on Twitter).
MIDI triggers let you fire Shortcuts via MIDI enabled musical instruments or equipment. You can even specify musical chords as triggers to give you an incredible variety of possibilities.
Day & Time triggers can now wake your computer or start it up to run a shortcut. Additionally they can now be set to fire if they are overdue.

File System triggers let QuicKeys fire shortcuts based on changes to the contents of a folder or other file system related reasons.

App Event triggers can now fire when an application becomes non-responsive and causes the spinning beach-ball cursor to be shown.

Function triggers let you make your own custom AppleScript trigger functions that are checked periodically. If they return TRUE QuicKeys will fire their shortcut.

Device triggers now allow mice, keyboards, etc. to be used exclusively with QuicKeys. Also multiple devices of the same kind can now be used at the same time.
Playback Controls
• New Menu Bar playback controls make for easy control yet are discretely shown.
• Playback can now be stopped via hot key using a QuicKeys Action.
• Improved playback control when single stepping shortcuts.
More Accurate Recording
The QuicKeys recording system has been re-written from the ground up which lets it record more accurately and efficiently.
Type Text can now enter text using a specific keyboard layout for better international language support.
Type Keystroke
• Can be set to only type modifiers.
• The number of times or how long a key is pressed can now be specified.
• Keys can now be left down until a later step releases them or the shortcut ends.
• Now includes Precise Volume control system key actions.
Password Vault can now be set to only type/insert into password fields.
Web Launcher
• Now can load multiple web sites at one time and, when using Safari, into multiple tabs.
• Can now optionally wait for a page to finish loading before continuing when using Safari.
Batch Processor actions let you repeatedly run a Shortcut that performs actions for all the files in a particular folder.
Open Items can now open all the contents of a folder instead of just opening the folder itself.
Rename Files provides sophisticated batch renaming of files.
Finder Labels let you set or remove the label on files.
Wait Actions can now wait for:
• User to release mouse buttons.
• User to release keys.
• User to type certain words.
Computer Tools can now:
• Quit or Force Quit other applications.
• Switch between Spaces or to a specific Space.
• QuicKeys can now be asked for the list of currently active hot keys via AppleScript.
• Global variables and Shortcut local variables can be created and deleted in QuicKeys via AppleScript.
Improved User Interface
• QuicKeys Editor and Shortcut Editors are now even easier to use.
• Displays from other windows have been rolled into the QuicKeys Editor and Shortcut Editor windows which means less window flipping for you.
• In the Shortcut Actions Palette you can set your favorite actions which are then displayed in the Create menu for quick, easy access.